The world of devices that screen flows - of light or sound, of water or information - their attraction, their impact, their strengths & vulnerabilities

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The function of any net is to separate defined items of interest from a specific flow. They are intrinsically mysterious.

Is the function of a facial veil to screen out or to invite the external gaze?

Blinds and net curtains are covert street surveillance systems, sometimes revealing pretty images, other times odd behaviour. If insiders leave the light on, they are exposed and the outsider hidden from view.

When do those nets that are being strung across the flows of cyberspace - the 'firewalls' - change over from being defensive (stopping 'incoming') to being aggressive? How can the misdeeds of their creators be detected by the outsider?

Nets of lies and half-truths are woven
over events, winding up as 'history'. Before becoming spoken words, means of expression are continually modified by a host of personal and institutional restraints.

Micro-nets block contagions. Fishing nets haul in 'by-catch'
(marine 'collateral damage') with their targeted prey. Good nets, bad nets?

June 11, 2009

Walking at Threadbo on the weekend I noticed a network used to control erosion. It was made of heavy duty plastic. Soem of the readings I have been looking at can be found in Google Scholar. In the last couple of years I have used this database to find many articles and books on various subjects. However, the problem is with books you cannot print entire slabs; but at least it is a starting point to then go to libraries.
If you have acces to ANU's JSTOR database there is a font of reading there. Later today I will post some readings.
There are many fascinating anthropological and archeological papers on net making. Some of the search words I have used are knotting, knitting, netmaking. Actually many patents come up and these are quite interesting on the application on netting in industrial and commercial situations.


sharonpeoples said...

From Gabrielle Heyges
Fishers’ Life in Hungary

Shows some interesting nets, history, songs, oral history of my birth country

Upper Tisza riverside ecosystem Hungary natural values

In 2000 an Australian gold mining company released cyanide into the upper Tisza River causing mass poisoning of flora and fauna down stream.

I come from the lower Tisza region.

The paper talks about natural values and sustainable development said...

Sharon - just love the photo of soil erosion Net. Makes me think of many ways we could use Net installations in the landscape. There is no limit.... Nancy.

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