The world of devices that screen flows - of light or sound, of water or information - their attraction, their impact, their strengths & vulnerabilities

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The function of any net is to separate defined items of interest from a specific flow. They are intrinsically mysterious.

Is the function of a facial veil to screen out or to invite the external gaze?

Blinds and net curtains are covert street surveillance systems, sometimes revealing pretty images, other times odd behaviour. If insiders leave the light on, they are exposed and the outsider hidden from view.

When do those nets that are being strung across the flows of cyberspace - the 'firewalls' - change over from being defensive (stopping 'incoming') to being aggressive? How can the misdeeds of their creators be detected by the outsider?

Nets of lies and half-truths are woven
over events, winding up as 'history'. Before becoming spoken words, means of expression are continually modified by a host of personal and institutional restraints.

Micro-nets block contagions. Fishing nets haul in 'by-catch'
(marine 'collateral damage') with their targeted prey. Good nets, bad nets?

June 13, 2009

Notes from Nets Workshop (13th June 2009)

At the brainstorming session three headings were put up on the board:


Kinds of nets: fishing nets, hair nets, fly nets, shark nets, mosquito nets, submarine nets, cargo nets, net petticoats, speed cameras, safety nets, internet, butterfly nets, colander/sieve, firewall, vegetable steamer, tripe, arteries, spider webs, shopping bags, string bas, dilly bags, billums, lace curtains, lace veils (bridal, scarves, decorative), hat veils, scrim, bandages, bird nets, silk screens, weed mats, inhibitions, retaining nets, camouflage, gabian nets, cages, turf nets, fences (chicken, wire, rabbit proof fence, plastic), reinforcing, arc mesh, cyclone fencing, locust nests, radiator nets, louvers, architectural fretwork screen, screen doors, security doors, stockings, fish-net stockings, besser brick walls, woven fabrics, croc sandals, ghost nets, hammocks, bee-keeper nets, string vests, seaweed- kelp, sporting nets (tennis nets, tennis racquet, brillo pads, collecting nets, textile techniques (netting, knitting, knotting, crochet), lavender bags (smell), chain mail, chain wire structures

What are nets used for: filtering, catching, hunting, hiding, separating, protecting, collecting, supporting, containing, decorating, stiffening, attracting, alluring, controlling, excluding, including, provoking (see through), intriguing, allusion, building, communicating, distributing, linking, conducting, gathering, structuring, interlocking

What do they make you think of (associations): dirt, camouflaging/ obscuring, hiding behind net curtains, fire walls, censoring filter, theatre lighting, slipping through the net (homelessness, mainstream, social), by catch- collateral damage, keepers, entrapped, cocooning (cultural readings), insecurities, inhibitions, health (mosquito nets), display/fa├žade, religious divisions, milk jug (great aunts, historic, nostalgic, making-do (wagga quilts, being creative, decorative, other traditions), safety nets, comfort, string art (cats cradle), dream catcher (eye of the gods), ambiguity (hiding and attracting the gaze)

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