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The function of any net is to separate defined items of interest from a specific flow. They are intrinsically mysterious.

Is the function of a facial veil to screen out or to invite the external gaze?

Blinds and net curtains are covert street surveillance systems, sometimes revealing pretty images, other times odd behaviour. If insiders leave the light on, they are exposed and the outsider hidden from view.

When do those nets that are being strung across the flows of cyberspace - the 'firewalls' - change over from being defensive (stopping 'incoming') to being aggressive? How can the misdeeds of their creators be detected by the outsider?

Nets of lies and half-truths are woven
over events, winding up as 'history'. Before becoming spoken words, means of expression are continually modified by a host of personal and institutional restraints.

Micro-nets block contagions. Fishing nets haul in 'by-catch'
(marine 'collateral damage') with their targeted prey. Good nets, bad nets?

July 25, 2009

TURKU 2011

University of Turku …with a department for the Science of Well-being

2011: celebrate the end of the first decade in turku ('one view town'), epicentre of happening euroculture

If anyone already knows what I just stumbled on, how come it didn't get out at Workshop One?

Sorry, then to be the one to break the news that Turku 2011 is a big forthcoming European cultural event.

To get an idea of the scale of this thing, you can see the amount of effort and investment that went into preparing the winning bid, by checking the beautiful, Flash-created bidding document, 'Turku on Fire: Turku for the European Capital of Culture 2011' (178 pages).

I really find it hard to imagine all the connections that have quickly taken this to the stage where 'Netwurkers' are presumably also preparing for what must be up among the top ten
exposure opportunities in our tiny lifetimes. Not to mention that the same thing's supposed to be going on in the University of Cumbria - another story.

This is how quickly these waves travel. Next stop Turku - exhibitions, performances, be-ins, music in wooded parks on very long summer evenings. Who's in? Communication is the key.

Ideas and their Implementers are Still Welcome

You may announce your interest in participating in the implementation of any of the projects in the Capital of Culture programme by contacting partners(a) You may also submit your ideas to the Idea Market, which will continue to be open on the Capital of Culture Web-site at

The Turku 2011 Programme is an important element of the European Capital Culture − however, as a whole, the project is much larger.

- Everyone’s contribution is needed to build an unforgettable year of the European Capital Culture


The founder of Linux operating system, Linus Torvalds is to be the official patron.

Turku, the European Capital of Culture, Initiates the World’s Largest Media Art Competition Grand Prix invites artists and content producers working in the digital format to enter the competition in eight different categories, with a combined total value of prizes worth more than 140,000 euro.


Accordion Wrestling, 'with performances which combine accordion playing with wrestling, will culminate in a large-scale production called Battle 2011 at the Paavo Nurmi Stadium in Turku'.

See what I'm saying?

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